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Marstrat is a strategic consultancy firm. We provide a unique combination of technological, business and legal expertise to the maritime sector. We simplify, organize and support in order to solve your cross-disciplinary maritime challenges. We speak the language of the maritime sector and understand international markets. Our track record is undisputed and we have extensive experience.

Marstrat’s areas of expertise include Shipbuilding processes, Management, Public affairs, International business, Ship finance, and Innovation. Our services in the area of shipbuilding processes are focused on helping clients with improving production processes, and the implementation of change programs in maritime and offshore related production companies. In the area of Management we provide assistance to companies who are faced with legal, administrative and management issues. We can provide guidance with contract management, supervision or turnarounds, legal advice and maritime performance improvement. Also supervisory functions can be arranged.

Custom solutions with a personalized approach

One of the most underestimated aspects of the maritime business is networking, and public performance of the company. We have a wide network of contacts in the maritime community and in regional, national and European governments. We have the right expertise when it comes to maritime public affairs. Successful International Business starts with market insights. Marstrat offers information in shipping and shipbuilding statistics, benchmarking, SWOT analysis, country reports, and performs feasibility studies. Also partner search in a specific region can be offered. Together we create custom solutions and we offer a personalized approach.

Connecting market opportunities

All questions related to management and operations of shipping and offshore services companies are in good hands with us. Operating from Rotterdam, we are in the middle of a strong network of ship owners, technical services, banks, managers and various other maritime business services. Our Ship Finance services include setting up new business, organising ship finance, partner search or managing projects. We can also help with development and implementation of Innovation through projects and concepts. Our professionals support the management of shipping and offshore companies to develop and implement strategy, including market analyses, corporate investment strategy, M&A, finance and insurance, technological innovation, business process design and complex projects. We connect market opportunities with maritime and offshore technology, providing operational decision support and generating innovative solutions for in ship design and operational processes.

Contact Information
Contact: Hein Velema
Phone: +31 (0)10 310 30 80
Vasteland 78, 3011 BN, Rotterdam