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W.T. Group b.v.

W.T. Group b.v.

Your Rotterdam IT partner makes it work!

All labels that are part of the W.T. Group cooperate with our respected partners, focusing on sustainable developments in the business processes of our customers. We help them to automate their business processes as much as possible, whereby the data of both our customers and their own customers are always protected.

W.T. International has been established in the Rotterdam region for more than 20 years. Our Rotterdam DNA makes us decisive and ensures that we think in terms of solutions. We like to work together with our customers and partners, but we have our own specializations. We are not guided by trends and hypes, but we make expert analyses of the possibilities and wishes of our customers.

Carefree and safe

We believe that nowadays, you want to work carefree and safely 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at the office, at home or when traveling. That is important for you and for us! The right IT solutions make this easier and we are happy to organize that for you.

Now, IT is no longer just supportive of business processes, IT drives business processes and helps companies work more effectively and efficiently. To offer our customers more service than installing and maintaining networks, we founded the W.T. Group and added W.T. Training and W.T. Privacy to our brand. And this is just the beginning!

W.T. Privacy

Personal data is processed in every company, both of employees and customers. Much of this data occurs in business processes that are supported by IT. As a company, you are required to have insight into which data you process, where, how and by whom.
The experts of our label W.T. Privacy understand that there is a need for a clear, understandable and pragmatic approach that makes it possible for you to continue to do business reliably and compliant to the GDPR.

W.T. Training

At our label W.T. Training you find the professionals who are able to let all employees work efficiently and with confidence with the available Office 365 products. We offer training and coaching both in groups and 1-on-1, on location or at the office.

Contact Information
Contact: M. van der Hoek
Phone: +31-10-2857990
Lentedans 51A, Capelle aan den IJssel, Nederland