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Marinsal Consultants BV

Marinsal Consultants

Marinsal Consultants is an independent company providing consultancy services to the maritime industry specializing in salvage, wreck removal and admiralty matters.

Our services are provided with a practical hands-on approach. What you see, is what you get. Marinsal Consultants is operated by its founder, Arjan Herrebout.

While operating independent, we can rely on the support of a network of well trusted relations. This is an international network of expertise, which we have built in over 30 years working in the marine industry. By working independently we are flexible in the approach we take in any assignment, as consultancy work should always be focussed to achieve the required goals or to provide support to your organization.

Salvage & Wreck removal

With a large working experience in the marine salvage industry the focus of our work lies in the field of salvage and wreck removal. With an ability of understanding the daily practice and routine of a salvage operation and an in-depth knowledge of law of salvage we are able to provide the “translation” between the ship and the shore. On this basis we have been involved in salvage cases in many different roles, at various stages of salvage operations and for a variety of different stakeholders.

Expert Witness

We have served as expert witness in relation to salvage matters in various court proceedings in different jurisdictions. Most of these matters deal with interpretation of circumstances in salvage cases in relation to criteria as mentioned under the International Salvage Convention 1989. As expert witness it is our duty to make the translation of operational circumstances and present them in a format which the court can use to come to a judgment.

During the year 2019 Arjan Herrebout is expected to become registered in the Dutch register of experts to the court (LRGD).

Marine Consultancy

Whilst the majority of our work is in relation to marine salvage we provide on a regular basis also services to other sectors of the marine industry. In general we can summarize these services as to provide “nautical” support to operations or claims. Most of these projects are carried out from our office, but we have carried out surveys or project assessments on locations around the world.

On the basis of our experience we provide on a regular basis training sessions and presentations to various stakeholders in the industry, such as underwriters and shipowners.

Marinsal Consultants is an Associate member of the International Salvage Union (ISU).

Contact Information
Contact: Arjan Herrebout
Phone: +31 6 11618392
Onafhankelijkheidsweg 57, Leiden, Nederland