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Ecorys-Rotterdam-Maritime-Services-Community-RMSCThe 'blue' economy represents roughly 5.4 million jobs and generates a gross added value of almost €500 billion a year for the EU alone, and a multitude of these numbers worldwide. Moreover, many land based economic activities are highly dependent on international trade and maritime transport and services. The marine and maritime sector have great potential to contribute to sustainable economic growth and preservation of our world. Current Blue Growth strategies developed in countries, continent and global level, are targeting an increased tapping of this potential.

The founding companies of Ecorys originate from important European sea going nations. Building on this heritage, Ecorys has a leading position in assisting our public and private clients in their strategy development and policy making related to the marine and maritime sector and its economic impact.

A sample of projects sketching our areas of involvement include:

  • Blue growth and maritime policy within the North Sea and Atlantic Region.
  • Saldanha Bay Development including port, industrial zone, municipality and tourism (South Africa's largest natural harbour).
  • Economic impacts of Arctic ice melt.
  • Feasibility study of Nicaragua canal alternative to Panama canal.

Ecorys publishes trends and developments in the annual Netherlands Maritime and Ports Monitor.

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Contact: Marten van den Bossche
Phone: +31 (0)10 453 87 91
Watermanweg 44, 3067 GG Rotterdam, Nederland