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De Reede Advocatuur B.V.

Assists in cases concerning economic & financial criminal law and punitive administrative law

De Reede Advocatuur is a law firm with an established focus on the maritime industry and the port of Rotterdam. It exclusively deals with cases in which clients are at risk of criminal prosecution or sanctions under administrative law.

The nature of the economic activities of our clients expose them to risks every single day. Be it accusations of corruption abroad, incidents that (could) lead to environmental damage, or accidents in the workplace. We have extensive experience with investigations carried out by the authorities in these types of settings, as well as in other cases. In certain situations, an internal investigation into possible wrongdoing - thus pre-empting an official investigation - may be called for.

Our style of defence

By managing an investigation and making sure that relevant information is disseminated from the earliest possible stage, negative consequences can be contained as much as possible. Therefore, we seek to fully understand the facts of a case and the applicable legal framework as soon as possible. Through this knowledge of the specifics of a case, we work to de-escalate, lessen (financial) impact, or prevent prosecution where possible.

We advise companies and/or their executives and employees. And we know that our assistance only becomes necessary during stressful periods. Our mission is not only to provide excellent legal advise, but to do it in a way that mitigates this stress and builds trust. Please contact us for more information about our services, or visit our website.

Contact Information
Contact: Erik M. Witjens
Phone: +31 10 321 4395
Weena 505, 3013 AL Rotterdam