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Sea3R believes the future of any ship is determined by understanding its past.

Through market reports, vessel valuations and consultancy, we apply our principles of Risk, Reputation and Response to support our clients in their decision-making processes.

Working primarily in Shortsea, we analyse the different niche markets in this diverse area of the maritime industry. Within these markets, we specialise in identifying and quantifying vessel value, operational risks, determining our client's exposure to reputational damage and identifying the appropriate escalation or response.

We work with maritime-related organisations such as financial institutions, investors, shipowners, charterers, brokers, and law firms, that require assistance in unknown or uncharted waters; supporting their risk management and decision-making processes.

What we offer

Our team has cross-discipline knowledge of maritime activities. From operational and technical to commercial and legal, we can determine a total risk profile and link it to the value of a vessel. We get to know our clients and their various departments and relate our external information sources to their risk.

Risk & Reputation Management

Working closely with you, we assess the maritime asset in question and determine your specific relationship with it, your interest in the asset and the potential risk of exposure it poses to your organisation.


We then complete the process by advising and assisting you in executing the appropriate responses and actions to take in a low, medium or high risk situation.

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Contact: Peter Molloy
Phone: +31646701301
Calandstraat 2 3016 CB Rotterdam