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The vibrant and stimulating economic area of the Port of Rotterdam requires skilled and experienced lawyers focusing on Shipping, Logistics and Commercial law to safeguard an orderly environment for the business community. An overview of related legal services is listed below.

Rotterdam is well known for hands-on and solution oriented legal services and maritime legal advice, for non-city rates.


Next to proceedings before the (specialised) public courts, like the Rotterdam court is known for its maritime chamber, the Netherlands is known for domestic and international arbitrations. Expertise extends to designing arbitration, and ADR clauses, advising on the optimal conflict management-strategy, advising on and conducting proceedings to set aside arbitral awards and for obtaining leave to enforce a foreign arbitral award.

Construction & Engineering

Besides the Dutch are renown for high tech shipbuilding, there is significant investment in new infrastructure like wind farms and marine infrastructure, resulting in a variety of contracts, including engineering, construction, management, procurement and logistics agreements. Legal services include: pre-contract advice; preparing tender documentation; drafting contracts; advising on applicable law and jurisdiction, including dispute resolution mechanisms; preparation or defence of claims; analysing delays during construction.

Energy & Offshore

Energy, renewable resources and related exploration play an increasingly important role in today’s environment, while the share taken by renewable energy sources is showing continuous growth. With a thorough insight into this industry, solution oriented results are achieved.

International Trade

The Dutch have been known as international traders throughout the ages. A full range of legal services is available in respect to the drafting of contracts for the sale of hard and soft commodities, transfer of title issues, right of retention, debt collection and documentary credits, in both international litigation as well as through arbitral proceedings. There is specialist expertise related to the shipping, as well as freight and charter arrangements. In Rotterdam you will find superb industry knowledge with appropriate and straight–to–the-point legal advice.

Maritime (Wet & Dry)

Rotterdam lawyers have a long and enviable reputation in the fields of air, inland waterways, rail and road carriage, ship arrest, debt collection and foreclosure, dry shipping, marine casualties, emergency response, physical distribution, and port services.

Shipbuilding & Conversion

In Rotterdam there is a strong record in providing legal assistance on a wide range of shipbuilding projects, including the superyacht industry, offshore construction and conversion projects. Legal services include the drafting and negotiating of building contracts and all ancillary documentation, e.g. the specifications and refund guarantees, registration of a ship under construction or after delivery, rendering full support throughout the construction or conversion project, litigation of various disputes in respect of the execution of the building or conversion contract (for example: a claim for additional work or delay). Further, the Netherlands is one of the market leaders in the superyacht industry and Dutch yacht builders have the experience, the skills and opportunity to construct MCA accredited yachts under a Dutch or foreign (e.g. Red Ensign) flag.

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