The development of the Netherlands as seafaring nation with large trading activities led to the development of a dedicated maritime insurance industry in the Netherlands. Present day, the sector is mainly concentrated in the city of Rotterdam. Many maritime insurance companies and insurance brokers have offices in Rotterdam.

For the Dutch maritime sector this ensures easy access to specialised marine insurance. There is no need to go abroad for knowledge, services and insurance capacity for even the most complex risks.

Rotterdam as centre for Marine Insurance in the Netherlands

The main international marine insurers and brokers have dedicated marine offices or desks in Rotterdam. Lloyds of London has a Rotterdam representation and – when needed – Rotterdam brokers know their way around on international insurance markets.

The other way round; the Dutch marine insurance market offers interesting solutions for clients from other countries. Rotterdam based insurers and brokers offer a lot of expertise in the field of claims handling, something that is very much appreciated by those insured.

Next to insurance services for Cargo Insurance the Dutch market also offers specific service and solutions for the following specific industries:

Ship owners – cargo

All traditional products concerning ship insurance are available; Hull & Machinery, Disbursements, Loss of Hire, WAR etc. Some companies focus on P&I, both the Mutual and the Fixed option. The Dutch insurance industry offers creative solutions that excel – also when it comes to rates.

Ship owners – offshore contractors

The presence of large industry leaders in the offshore sector enabled the Dutch maritime industry to gain extensive experience on the specific maritime risks faced by offshore contractors.
Several brokers and insurers focus in this industry. For Marine Contractors engaged in for instance the construction of offshore wind farms, tailor made insurance products can be offered.


The Dutch shipbuilding industry is increasingly specialised in the construction of specialised offshore installations and for instance the construction of mega yachts. Insurance companies and brokers in the Netherlands have a deep understanding of the sector. Almost all major important shipyards in the Netherlands work with Dutch insurance companies and brokers.

Terminal & Port operators

The port of Rotterdam has virtually every type of terminal present. Containers, break-bulk and large flows of liquid and dry bulk pass the port. Rotterdam maritime insurers and insurance brokers know the sectors specific risks and offer tailor made insurance solutions.


When working in a major gateway to Europe, Rotterdam based logistics companies can rely on state of the art insurance services. Rotterdam based insurers and brokers offer tailor made solutions that can withstand the international competition very well. These products offer a very generous cover and the high level of service is praised by many companies active in the sector.

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