Vivid discussions about on the economic impact of Brexit postponement

A week after the proposed brexit date, members of the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community (RMSC) were welcomed on April 3 at the ABN AMRO offices downtown Rotterdam. During the  lunch meeting Albert Jan Swart shared his views of the economic impact of brexit with over 40 attendees. The RMSC looks back at an interesting and well organised event.

As we all know, the result of the House Commons not reaching an agreement, lead to the postponement of brexit. However, during the presentation of ABN AMRO’s economic specialist, Albert Jan Swart, it became clear that the postponement isn’t without economic impact. Since the referendum in 2016, foreign investments in the UK dropped significantly. As the future remains unknown this situation isn’t expected to change soon. Warehouses on both sides of the Channel are completely filled up. Swart did not only discussed the challenges, but also touched upon opportunities for Dutch markets. It might be the case that production of cars and other industries are moved from the UK to the Netherlands.

During the networking lunch afterwards, the attendees held vivid discussions about the presentation and the postponement of brexit. Organisations operating in the Rotterdam port area are said to be well prepared. The RMSC will keep folowing brexit discussions and keep you updated of course.

The RMSC looks back at a well attended and organised event that could not have happened without the help of Ed van Aalst of ABN AMRO. In addition the RMSC is looking forward to meeting you at one of the future events.