Vibrant RMSC New Year’s reception at the beautiful Schielandshuis

On Tuesday January 16 the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community (RMSC) organised a well attended and vibrant new year’s reception at the Schielandshuis in the heart of Rotterdam. Together with Maarten Struijvenberg – alderman employment and economy of the municipality of Rotterdam – RMSC members, partners, relations the Board toasted on a prosperous and successful 2018.

Before Chairman Jeroen Kuyper reflected on some of the RMSC 2017 highlights he welcomed the guests and elaborated briefly on the history of the venue as one of the oldest buildings and landmarks in the city of Rotterdam. He also took a moment to thank Onno de Jong for the good work he did for the RMSC and its members. And introduced Linda Treuman as new RMSC manager.

Next he outlined some activities the RMSC has planned for its members in 2018. Members are invited to participate in a special Athens-Rotterdam conference on shipping. Which will take place early March in Athens. This activity is part of the ‘Rotterdam, Maritime Capital of Europe’ campaign to position Rotterdam as an attractive location for Greek ship owners. RMSC members are also welcome to join the ING masterclass on Innovation in Transport in April. The last event Kuyper mentioned is the RMSC activity during the seventieth anniversary of the CHIO Rotterdam. Which is the eldest international sports event in Rotterdam and the eldest international 5* equestrian event in the Netherlands. Making it the perfect opportunity for networking and promoting the Rotterdam cluster of maritime business services. Next to this the RMSC will continue to focus on organising valuable membership events and Young RMSC also has a number of activities planned. After this brief word of welcome Kuyper toasted on the beginning of a prosperous and successful 2018!

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