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Update on RMSC supported research on maritime business services

Last month a special Community Session on the Roadmap World Port City was organized by Smart Port. During this session members of the maritime business services community met with policy makers and researchers to be updated on the first results of the Smart Port initiated research programmes.

Dr. Wouter Jacobs of Erasmus University presented his findings on locational behavior of maritime business services firms. Together with his research team he has measured the connectivity between the Rotterdam maritime business services sector and other clusters worldwide. Strong links between Rotterdam and other maritime capitals will further ameliorate the development of this sector.

After the presentations the findings were discussed with the audience during break out sessions. Focal point of discussion is what makes a city attractive for business. As Rotterdam has gained much popularity among residents, visitors and investors over the last years it is now key to further explore the possibilities the Rotterdam ecosystem has to offer.

RMSC supports and endorses these research programmes as they learn us more on the strategic developments in the sector and might be of help in shaping future policy on strengthening the position of Rotterdam as maritime business services hub.

A more detailed report on the research RMSC supports can be found via this link.