Mariflex - Rotterdam Maritime Services Community

Technical Visit Mariflex Group and networking with RBTS

On November 20th the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community (RMSC) was invited by the Rotterdam Beurs Transport Society (RBTS) to join their company visit to the Mariflex Group in Vlaardingen. Mariflex is active in the liquid cargo handling and emergency response market. Attendees were offered full insight of what the company brings to the market during an inspiring presentation, including a visit to the premises. This was the last one of a series of well attended RMSC events in 2018.

To see the power of a mobile firefighting unit – with a capacity of 750 m3 per hour, 12 bar, and a throw length of 120 meters – in practice proved to be impressive. Especially interesting for members of the RMSC because when actually used during a real life emergency, the services of surveyors, inspectors, or lawyers might be required after the incident.

The enthusiastic duo-presentation of the owner and commercial manager of Mariflex made a great start. After a visiting the terminal and explanation on the different items which can be used for liquid cargo handling, it was time for networking. With more than 60 people present, it was a well visited event, with great networking opportunities.

The combination of RBTS and RMSC turned out to be a good one, and we are looking forward to organise other events together