SMM Hamburg & Project Cargo Summit – matchmaking online

As all international events are changing to online events, RMSC had the pleasure to present the greater Rotterdam maritime business services cluster internationally during SMM Hamburg and via the Project Cargo Summit matchmaking tools. I took the opportunity to explain the common goals of RMSC and at the same time would hereby like to shine some light on companies and institutes which might be of interest for our community:

To support companies who are trading with SouthEast Asia, the EU Commission started an initiative to support companies to protect and enforce their Intellectual Property Rights The Southeast Asia IPR SME Helpdesk. Through the provision of free, first-line, confidential advice on intellectual property. Any SME willing to do business in Southeast Asia should have a comprehensive IP strategy in place and can get in touch with this organization.

More tangible, I talked to IXrobotX which produce Autonomous sea cleaning vehicles and are now operational in the port of Istanbul. They called the robot Doris, and with the use of autonomous monitoring is positioning itself and reports on location and waste gathered. Nice to see this and hope to connect the company in the Netherlands.

Again an institute focusing on the tax consultancy, a representative of the Spanish Ministry of Finance approached me to see if cooperation would be possible for the Canarias Economic Zone.

And during the Project Cargo Summit of 11-12 Feb, I had the pleasure to again see lots of familiar faces in the industry. This time the connection with the maritime business services was less visible, but we are already discussing the options for the coming – hopefully live-version of the event in September. If you wish to join the next version, please let me know.

Another Interesting innovation in the maritime industry which crossed my path is Smart-Ship.  The start-up from TU Delft produces force-feedback controls for the maritime industry. By bridging the gap in information transfer they aim to enable a sustainable maritime future with regard to people, equipment and the environment. Brent Kok and I discussed possibilities to connect the start-up to the maritime business services, and we will see how we can organize more together.