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Van Ameyde Marine strengthens the connection between Rotterdam and Singapore

van Ameyde Marine - Rotterdam Maritime Services Community - RMSCVan Ameyde (VA) is Europe’s market leader in the area of complex & commercial loss adjusting and surveying, and with the recent strategic partnership with Seasia, the ties are strengthened between the regions. Walter Dekkers of Van Ameyde Marine, member of RMSC, shares his insights.

What are the strong points of the two companies?

Although slightly differentstructured, both Van Ameyde Marine and Van Ameyde Seasia are well-recognized independent service providers in the field of marine survey and consultancy in their respective regions.

Both companies have the capacity and experience to attend to P&I related matters, but also serve Hull & Machinery underwriters, insurers and other stakeholders in the marine and transport industry and are active in the field of loss prevention.

Above all that we believe that the strongest point both companies have is the drive to deliver, as seemingly being injected with the ‘marine service provider DNA.

Where do the companies complement each other?

The marine industry is a global operating industry and deserves a global standard of high-quality service. At the same time, we cannot ignore local cultural aspects, operational differences and the practical issues of operating in different time zones. This partnership fits the vision to implement that global high-quality service into a local operating network.

The earlier acquisitions of McAusland & Turner Krogius are illustrative for that vision in which the partnership with Seasia is the next step in establishing a global operating and easily accessible one-stop-shop for all marine and transport related issues.

The company’s in-house IT organisation develops agile IT systems, platforms and functionality geared to supporting its customers with their digital transformation, while strengthening their cyber resilience. This will benefit all clients.

Why working together in two strong maritime clusters?

Rotterdam and Singapore are the maritime clusters which are the hearts and souls of the maritime industry. All services required to operate in this industry are available in those clusters and these are the places where innovations are born.

Further, due to the volumes and variety in goods being handled, these clusters present a golden opportunity to gain the knowledge and experience required to become that one-stop-shop and thus forms the base on which we stand today.

It is therefore only logical that we base ourselves in those clusters – or hubs – operating a network to provide widespread local coverage.

At the same time, differences exist and even though the maritime clusters are each strongly positioned, we can still learn from each other.

Teaming up thus provides us with the opportunity to ‘have the best of both worlds’ and which

can only be beneficial to the quality of services rendered.

What can the Rotterdam Maritime services cluster add to this?

We feel that a global network could be beneficial to all being part of the Rotterdam Maritime services cluster. Although primarily set up with a view on our core activities, we welcome utilization of the network to its full potential.

On the other hand, the membership of RMSC provides new connections, for example on the cyber security side, where we team up with RMSC members for further development of our knowledge.

Which opportunities do you see in the near future?

We take it one step at the time. To begin with, we are directing a lot of efforts to finalizing the internal structures in order to ensure our clients can fully reap the benefits of an efficient operating global network.

We are of course also living and operating in a world battling the Covid-19 outbreak, while the effect on the global economy – and thus the transport sector – has not yet manifested to its full extent. This situation comes with unanticipated risks and downfalls, and we are monitoring the situation closely to ensure that our services stay relevant for our clients.

It might be interesting to strengthen the ties between the RMSC members network and the Singapore maritime services network. This will help in the near future to increase opportunities and working together in both ports.