Rotterdam Maritime Talent research

RMSC cooperated at the latest research of the Erasmus University – with a focus on  talent and talentprofiles in the Rotterdam regional economy with an additional study focusing on talent for the maritime sector.

The maritime labour market is highly international and technology driven. Craftsmanship is still paramount, but having the right cross-over skills enables talent to make real impact in innovation teams. There are numerous initiatives to find, attract, retain and grow maritime talent. Education, business and intermediaries are in close contact with each other. More diversity and talent targeting will lead to a larger talent pool, more influx from a more diverse background as well as allow professionals to make the cross-over to the maritime sector. Furthermore, the ties between education and business can be tightened via public private partnerships and establish context-rich learning environments, which support crossovers in newly composed curricula and programmes.

RMSC is highly commited to strengthen the ties between education and the maritime business services, for example with the business course Anatomy of Shipping and Transport of STC Group and the cooperation with Erasmus for Maritime Studies.

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