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RMSC in working group on Rotterdam as maritime insurance capital

As put forward by the alderman for Economic Affairs in a recent interview Rotterdam is seeing opportunities in attracting (regional) offices of maritime business currently located in London. Now Queen Elizabeth has given Royal Assent to the Brexit bill UK Prime Minister May is expected to start talks to leave the European Union within the foreseeable future. Here in Rotterdam these developments have materialized in a working group led by Rotterdam Partners (in close cooperation with the national body NFIA) on “Rotterdam as maritime insurance capital”. RMSC represents the sector in this working group that consists of all relevant organizations in this field. Over the last months we have had very fruitful meeting with this group.

RMSC provides sectoral knowledge and contacts whenever needed. RMSC is pleased to see that this move once again underlines the importance of RMSC as voice of the Rotterdam maritime business services sector. The process of location making decisions by firms has a very sensitive character. Therefore we can not share all the developments with you but we can promise you that you will hear from us when there is big news for Rotterdam.  Besides these developments that are driven by the current state of affairs we are making progress on some more strategic issues. This year we want to better link our member base with talent at the Rotterdam education institutes. Another exciting long term goal we are working on is to attract one of the more well known global industry conferences to Rotterdam. In this initiative we will be working with many of our RMSC partners.