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RMSC in the limelight: inspiring article in Mainport Magazine

Focus on attracting more shipowners to Rotterdam

Recently Mainport Magazine interviewed the Chair (Connie Roozen) and manager (Linda Treuman) of the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community (RMSC). Resulting in an inspiring article in their latest publication. In the article Roozen and Treuman provided insight into the RMSC and the importance of attracting more shipowners to Rotterdam. In addition they explained how this contributes to the cluster of maritime business services and the maritime industry in general. The article was originally published in Dutch. Below you can find the highlights of the article.

 From a business perspective the port of Rotterdam has a lot to gain from solid and intensified promotional activities. The RMSC strives to promote the area as an attractive location towards foreign companies that are active in the international maritime business services industry.

Based on a joint believe that it would be beneficial to strengthen the position of business service providers the RMSC was founded five years ago. After the privatisation of the Port of Rotterdam in 2004 the municipality of Rotterdam focussed mostly on putting the city on the map. Less detail was given to the international role of the port on the business services industry. Treuman explains: “The RMSC was put into place to facilitate the network, to stimulate knowledge sharing, and to promote the strong cluster of maritime business services in the international arena.” Currently the RMSC has 51 members.

Industry specific knowledge

In 2018 Connie Roozen took on the role of Chairwoman. Roozen, a tax specialist and director of C&B More: “My very first client was from the shipping industry. From that moment I only served clients from this sector. By now I can call myself an industry expert.” Roozen explains why business services play such an important role in the maritime industry. “This industry calls for specific knowledge. If you are thinking about ordering a new vessel for example. Such an investment calls for a financier. This is not something you can do in one go. The ship needs to be insured and various arrangements need to be made for employees. Who often have various nationalities and backgrounds. This calls for tailormade contracts and insurances.” Chairwomen Roozen has the ambition to improve the visibility of the Rotterdam business services cluster outside of the Netherlands. Roozen continues: “We aim to improve the international recognition and image of maritime business services located in and around Rotterdam. In this particular area there is room for improvement. We can be a lot more visible. Compared to Oslo and London for example. There the industry already enjoys proper visibility.”  To reach this goal the RMSC organises various international business trips. Recently they visited Greece together with various partners from the Rotterdam area for example. Interesting because Greece has the largest shipowners community in the world. During this trip the RMSC spoke with the Greek maritime cluster. In the near future the RMSC is going to Oslo to make themselves known over there as well. With these activities the RMSC works closely with the Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe program. Roozen emphasises: “It is our goal to attract more shipowners to Rotterdam. With additional benefits and spinoff for the entire Dutch maritime cluster.”


This is a free translation of the article published by Mainport Magazine.