Brexit brainstrom - Rotterdam Maritime Services Community - RMSC

RMSC hosts insightful brainstorm session on Brexit dynamics

On November 24th the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community (RMSC) organized a brainstorm session for its members. Topic of debate was the dynamics caused by the June 2016 Brexit referendum. Over the last months many, sometimes even contrasting, developments have taken place. Exact outcomes are not yet sure, but one can safely assume that there will be discussions within the industry on future locations.

In the session, both RMSC members and representatives of key stakeholders, envisioned what based on their expertise would be possible consequences and opportunities for the city of Rotterdam. To be able to go deeper into the case there were discussion groups for the different business services represented in the RMSC. Members active in for instance the insurance, legal or banking industry shared their thoughts on what might happen next.

A report with key findings and some preliminary suggestions for actions to be taken will be drawn up and shared with RMSC members and key stakeholders within the City of Rotterdam.

This event is an example of regular sessions organized by RMSC for its members on current affairs. By organizing these kind of sessions RMSC offers up to date knowledge and insights into topics that influence the business practice of our members.

The board of RMSC wants to thank the large number of members that showed up. These inspiring sessions truly show the potential the Rotterdam maritime services sector. Last but not least RMSC would also like to thank Aon Rotterdam for the hospitality and warm welcome.