Recap Workshop LNG As Marine Gas

On May 14th, a workshop with insights on LNG as marine gas was given by Walter Dekkers, director of Van Ameyde Marine. As we were at the premises of Simwave in Barendrecht, we started with a tour around the newly opened maritime centre. The maritime training centre is equipped with simulators that cover different aspects of the maritime cluster, from the cruise industry to the dredging sector,  all focusing on maritime safety training and assessment. Very impressive to see, especially for our members who work in the industry but never sailed themselves.

After this tour, Walter took us along in the pros and cons of LNG as marine fuel. It feels almost like a buzzword, Walter said, but if you look at the amount of ships who are already sailing on LNG, it is still a nice market.

LNG technology is now a proven way to meet upcoming requirements for the SOx, NOx, PM, CO2 emissions. LNG can be competitive pricewise with conventional fuels although some discussion followed on the calorific value of the LNG used. Also the challenges with measuring the quality when bunkering might be a road block.

In conclusion, Walter stated that the benefits and fuel cost savings can outweigh the higher costs for some ships, making LNG a very viable fuel option to consider. If you wish to know more about Van Ameyde Marine and their work with LNG, please contact