Recap Masterclass: The impact of Fin Tech on the maritime and logistics industry

Last week, the ING Bank and the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community (RMSC) hosted the Masterclass: The impact of FinTech on the maritime and logistics sectors.

With a nice group of people from 21 different companies, Peter Bas Oosthoek and Michael van den Berg from the asset based finance department of ING Bank presented the way ING looks at the innovations of FinTech start-ups. In this case special attention was given to the maritime and logistics sectors. Pieter Bas took us along in the customer journey of a logistics client, and this resulted in OptimalChain, a platform combining logistics and finance.

Michael van den Berg showed the way ING co-creates value within the industry with the support of Shypple. A single platform to search, book, manage, track and analyze your full supply chain.

After the presentations, a lively discussion took place, focusing on the trust of these online platforms, and which company will be the one ‘winning’ this trust in the near future. ING – of course – sees itself as the provider of this trust, specifically regarding the financial information of clients.

We closed the session with a nice networking opportunity in the Delftse Poort café, and looking back on an interesting session.