Kickoff Young RMSC - Rotterdam Maritime Services Community

Official kickoff Young RMSC

On October 20th the official kick off of the new Young RMSC network took place. During drinks at the Suicide Club in the Groothandelsgebouw the organizing committee presented their ambitions for this network. Young RMSC works with an organizing committee that is formed by three young professionals, Niels Teeuw (HDI-Gerling), Daan Komen (Van Steenderen Mainport Lawyers) and Robbert van Dijk (Crawford).

As pointed out by the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community board member Bart Hoogstad the start of Young RMSC serves as a landmark for RMSC. For the future success of the maritime business services sector in Rotterdam having a dedicated talent pool who know each other is essential. Young RMSC serves a very specific sector that was not yet served by any of the other young professional associations in Rotterdam. Because of this Young RMSC hopes to cooperate with other well known Rotterdam young professional associations on future activities.

During the kick off many interesting ideas for future activities were brought up. In the foreseeable future Young RMSC will present its activities calendar.

For those of you who were present at the kick off we hope to see you at one of our upcoming activities. If you were not able to join us during the kick off we will make sure that you will be informed of future activities. In the mean time we invite you to join the Young RMSC Linkedin page.

Membership to Young RMSC is open for everyone who works at a RMSC member firm and is aged <35. If your company is not yet a member of RMSC we would be more than happy to invite you as guest to one of our activities.

Questions or comments on Young RMSC can be send to: