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New name TAMARA: UNUM Arbitration & Mediaton

UNUM inaugurated its new identity and services last week at its successful launch event at the VNAB, overlooking the river Maas, in Rotterdam. The event included presentations from distinguished keynote speakers, Professor Barendrecht, research director at HiiL (The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law); and Mr. Visser, Vice Mayor for Finance, Organization, Port and Large Projects of the City of Rotterdam.

UNUM is the new name of the renowned maritime and trade arbitration foundation that was established under the name TAMARA in 1988 by predominantly Rotterdam based (legal) professionals. It was set up as an alternative to the London and later Singapore arbitration institutions. TAMARA has been offering arbitration services for years, but UNUM has now also incorporated a mediation service and is pioneering e-services. It offers a platform for conducting professional arbitration proceedings in the areas of shipping, shipbuilding, transport, storage, logistics and international trade.

UNUM Arbitration & Mediation stands for a professional, transparent, independent and reliable platform that might unite parties in finding a solution to resolve their dispute in mediation or provide a decision by rendering an arbitral award in an unresolved issue.

Why choose UNUM?

  • UNUM constitutes the first arbitration institute to offer both e-arbitration and e-mediation.
  • Summary proceedings when required in urgent matters.
  • Up to date lists of arbitrators and mediators with engaged, highly qualified, experienced and skilled international professionals.
  • Right to appoint own arbitrator or mediator outside the UNUM lists.
  • Capitalize on the rich experience and long-standing tradition of the Netherlands as a leading trade and maritime country.
  • Quick dispute administration allows to revert to “business as usual” more rapidly.

Mr. Niels van der Noll, Chairman of UNUM, says: “UNUM is ready for the future, offering its long-standing expertise in dispute resolution in the field of international trade, shipping, shipbuilding, transport and logistics; including 10 years’ experience in E-arbitration and now also E-mediation.”

UNUM is also aiming at further developing its services and co-operating with relevant partners including the Port and City of Rotterdam, Maritime Capital of Europe, RSMC (Rotterdam Maritime Service Community); and The Hague, city of Peace and Justice, in the ever-changing world of business and trade.