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Maritime Services and innovation

The contribution of maritime business services to innovation processes is often not clearly visible. However, during the I-Tanks meets RMSC breakfast on February 18th the inspiring pitches of AKD, Amlin and Be-Scope made very clear that maritime business services do have an important role for innovation in the maritime and port industry. Maritime business service providers are important enablers for new developments, as they are experts in important business aspects, like: managing and covering risks, finance and legal matters.

Furthermore the Rotterdam based serviced providers have specialized knowledge on niche markets or innovative developments that make them important partners for targeting new markets with many uncertainties or targeting existing markets with new products.

There are also new services being developed that are innovative from a legal, insurance or financial perspective. These concern for example new instruments for finance or tools for risk assessment that help companies to do business in volatile markets, like shipping, offshore or international trade.

Also some institutions develop new services that make legal procedures more efficient and less costly. An example is the Rotterdam District Court, which allows cases in maritime law, transport law and international sale of goods to be conducted in English since this year. Or the arbitration institute TAMARA, which provides the E-arbitration service, for digital communication and exchange of documents for arbitration cases.

All together there are many developments in the maritime business services that are valuable for the maritime and port-related industries. Therefore RMSC will continue to stimulate the interaction between both worlds, together with I-Tanks and other partners in the Rotterdam region