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London International Shipping Week – Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe is committed to unimpeded collaboration with the UK

The Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe network is working to strengthen the international position of the Maritime Business Services in the region. London is an important trading partner for companies active in this sector. The cities, less than 320 km apart, have a long trading history.

In the context of the London International Shipping Week 2019, the sector association Rotterdam Maritime Services Community (RMSC), part of the Rotterdam Maritime Capital network, organised a business lunch together with the Dutch Embassy.

More than 40 companies were guests at the residence of the Dutch Ambassador. These include ship owners, insurers, commodity traders, P&I Clubs and consultants.

During the lunch, Barbara Kathmann, Vice Mayor of Rotterdam (Economy), spoke about the development of Rotterdam as Maritime Capital of Europe. “Whatever happens in the future politically we can reach out to each other, form new coalitions and keep the business going.”, said Kathmann. During the lunch, the CEO of Anthony Veder, Jan Valkier, gave his view on what Rotterdam has to offer and the ‘ease of doing business’. Jeroen in ’t Hout from Daamen and Van Sluis and Ben Bidnell from Shipleys, both International accountants, concluded with their vision of the possible impact of Brexit on the maritime sector. Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe is committed to the continuation of unimpeded trade with the United Kingdom.

About Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe

Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe is the most complete and competitive maritime network in the world. A network which is constantly working on innovations and developing talent, which has resulted in the area being a frontrunner where energy transitions, digitisation and circular economy are concerned.

The Port of Rotterdam has set some ambitious goals for 2030. Its strategy is focused on both modernising the traditional industry, with a specific focus on sustainability and the environment, as well as pioneering innovations. The government, companies, educational institutes and research facilities are all working together to actively realise these ambitions together. Making sure Rotterdam is, and will continue to be, Europe’s maritime capital.