Hydrogen Value Chain – quick scan research for the Rotterdam region RMSC participates

As RMSC we are also involved in different concertation bodies in the Rotterdam region. Our community actively participates in the research done for the maritime cluster in the greater Rotterdam region. Recently, the municipality has done a study to the opportunities in the hydrogen supply chain. RMSC was asked for their opinion.

The development of hydrogen is technical, but the usage is commercial. RMSC members are highly interested in the hydrogen supply chain, where more knowledge is necessary. Transportation of hydrogen has to be embedded in the infrastructure. This will provide a need for legal advice. Financing is of importance as shipowners or industrial companies have to invest in hydrogen as fuel, for transport and for storage. Insurance companies and expertise bureaus will be needed as intermediars between all the actors. Ideas were shared on rules and regulations. Education facilities in the technical and maritime field have to train personnel, so good to take them along from the start.

A good sight on the total value chain is of importance to create value. That is where the maritime services providers will play a role. The result of the research is expected before the end of the year.