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Deep dive Young Maritime Board – Rotterdam, port of talent

Early december the City of Rotterdam organised a deep dive for the Young Maritime Board. The board discussed opportunities to attract and retain talent for the regional maritime cluster. Afterwards they presented their ideas digitally to Vice-mayor Maarten Burggraaf (Municipality Dordrecht) and Regional Minister Jeannette Baljeu (Province Zuid-Holland).

Thomas van Oorschot (Young RMSC) is a member of the Young Maritime Board and represented the views of the maritime business services cluster.

Many industries in the Netherlands are confronted with a shortage of staff. This is also the case in the regional maritime sector. Due to an aging population, but also because of ongoing technological innovations, it is important that the sector attracts and retains the right kind of people. Consequently these people need to be able to keep developing their maritime knowledge and skills.

Apart from attracting talent the available educational programmes need to be in line with these technological developments. Preparing the existing maritime workforce to be able to keep up with the digital skills of the future is equally important.

The Young Maritime Board was challenged by Rob Verkerk (Chairman Nederland Maritiem Land) to come up with creative solutions through a video message. Experts from the City of Rotterdam and Erasmus UPT helped the board members to express various ideas.

The session was organised as part of the Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe programme. Click here to read the entire recap (in Dutch).