5th anniversary RMSC!

Today is a commemorable day, it marks the 5th anniversary of the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community!

Starting five years ago with 20 people from 20 companies and organisations, growing towards a lively community stretching over 55 member-companies, and more than 350 people working in the maritime services industry, we can truly say we have outgrown our childhood.

Half a decade of representing the maritime business services industry

During the past five years the RMSC has had many highlights. Besides facilitating networking opportunities, we have put a lot of effort in actively promoting the role and importance of the maritime business services industry. Highlighting the relationship with the success of the maritime cluster in general. Both in the national and international arena. For example we represented the interests of our industry towards various Aldermen of the municipality of Rotterdam.

Attention was also given to developing and sharing industry specific knowledge. Up to now the RMSC has organised over 40 events, together with members, adjacent trade associations and industry partners.

Growing up

I am proud to be able to participate in the growth of the RMSC. It started with a vision to promote maritime business services in the municipality of Rotterdam. Aimed at connecting with other maritime organisations and educational institutes. And to attract more people to the maritime industry. Residing in Rotterdam – the maritime capital of Europe with a smart port and a cluster of well-respected service providers – we gradually started to focus on attracting more business to the greater Rotterdam area as well. And we will continue to do so in close cooperation with our partners! Being part of the Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe network for the maritime business services, I am honored to represent our industry in the Maritime Board.

We thank everyone who helped to bring the RMSC where it is today. We strive to expand our community further and invite you to keep supporting us.

Lets continue to work together in putting maritime business services on the map!

Hope to see you soon,

Connie Roozen, on behalf of the entire Board,