2019 focus RMSC

RMSC focusses on strengthening and developing maritime business services industry

Thursday January 25 marked the first event for the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community (RMSC) of 2019. Over 60 members, relations and other maritime enthusiasts were welcomed by RMSC Chair Connie Roozen at Kaapse Maria, downtown Rotterdam. Next to this Roozen highlighted the 2019 focus areas for the trade association of Rotterdam based maritime service providers.

While it was snowing outside the atmosphere at Kaapse Maria was vibrant. A proper opportunity for the attendees to catch up and toast on a prosperous 2019. Last year proved to be successful for the RMSC. The new manager, new Chair and two new board members gave the RMSC a boost. Resulting in ten membership activities, fifteen new membership applications, and three young professionals taking the lead in reviving Young RMSC. Next to this the RMSC managed to tighten relationships with partner organisations as well as increased membership interaction.

Connie Roozen: “The board, Linda Treuman and I are very happy with the results that could only be achieved by broad industry support together with enthusiastic and participating members. We are committed to keep delivering added value to our members.”

This year the RMSC will continue to enlarge and strengthen the network. Together with key partners in the maritime industry the RMSC will organise high quality events. Always focussed on knowledge development and sharing on relevant topics for the maritime business services industry. As usual combined with proper networking opportunities. Next to this the RMSC will strengthen the connection with the ‘Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe’ campaign. Not only by promoting the initiative but also by active participation to put Rotterdam on the map as an attractive maritime hub, especially when it concerns maritime business services. Last but not least Young RMSC will engage and activate young professionals to play a role in developing and maintaining a strong maritime business services industry in Rotterdam.

Roozen: ‘For 2019 we strive for even more members, to take our role within Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe and to strengthen our connection with the educational institutions in Rotterdam!’

The RMSC is looking forward to meet you during one of our next events!